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What is the Journey of You Archives?

I started my 1st blog because someone in a weekly leadership symposium asked how the book we were reading, The 15 Invaluable Laws of Growth by John C. Maxwel, applied to managing staff.

What started as a desire to help, later became an obsession to get viewers and feedback and ended with me changing what I wanted to say in hopes of growing readership. It ended in disappointment.

The Journey of You Archives is:

  • A bet on myself and my voice
  • Sharing my thought about life
  • A quest to be myself
  • An invitation for you to do the same

My writings are influence by my current purpose statement…

I was raised in a catholic family of Chinese descent. Talking about God and spiritual experiences was normal.

Most people get used to religious practices without ever questioning the reason behind things. In a way, they are like sheep following their pastor.

I’m not like most people; I challenge the status quo.

To help you rediscover your capacity to create a life worthy of you. It’s about your voice, your world, your standout way.

The Journey of You Archives is my way to let my voice be heard and invite others to do the same…not my way, but theirs.

It’s a conversation not a debate

Similar to The Seeking Catholic, I’m not here to convince you of anything. This is my way to share how I see the word, point to what catches my interest, and maybe, spark insights in the way you experience the world.

Here are some contextual notes:

  • I share my thinking about the topic as a way to entice conversation
  • I don’t need to be right or have you believe what I believe
  • I welcome other ideas and dialogue
  • Enter the conversation with the intent to understand other views rather than agree or disagree

Let’s get this conversation started. Take me to the articles.

Suggestions or Requests?

Send us a note via our contact form.

journey of you archives - the illusion of effort

The Illusion of Effort

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Today, I wanted to share with you something I’ve been thinking about and noticing but it’s not well processed so far. I’m sharing it as a way to start the conversation and see what ideas or perspectives come up as you read the post or watch the video. I first share what I originally wrote….
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Working in progress ????

I’ll be compiling links to resources related to spiritual development and the materials I read/study here.

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