You deserve to wake up to a life you love

This quick read helps you:

  • Clarify what you want from life
  • Confidently take the next step
  • Freely pursue what you love
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Greatness Within Book Hard Cover

Reclaim Your Life

Stop feeling like you are living someone else’s life

  • It’s frustrating to feel stuck deciding where to start
  • It’s draining to be constantly second guessing your inspired ideas
  • You shouldn’t feel obligated to meet others’ expectations

Become Immune to others’ criticisms

Watch This To Find out why this book is not for everyone

Many purpose driven individuals have success but feel like they are living someone else’s life and something is missing.

My Greatness Within Framework helps you clarify want you want from life, have the confidence to take the next step, and feel free to pursue what you love.

I believe we not only have the right to control our lives, we deserve to create them. I help you rediscover your capacity to create a life worthy of you.

Three decades of feeling like I didn’t belong gave me an opportunity to listen beyond what is said. Plus 200+ hours coachingdozens of individuals gain insight to themselves, their passions, their strengths, and desires.

Greatness Within presents the mindset and practices I use with my one-on-one clients to renew the commitment to their dreams and clarify their next step.

It’s a pleasure to accompany you on your journey.

In peace,

3 simple steps to create a life you love waking up to

Here’s What You’ll Quickly Apply From The “Greatness Within”

Steps 1 & 2: Rediscover Yourself

  • Page 17 – Three Signs You May Be Living a Lie: becoming aware of these influential forces in your life is a catalyst for regaining control of your destiny.
  • Page 27 – The Four Things You Aren’t:​it’s easy to have an identity crisis when we let these four characteristics define you.
  • Page 48 – The Filter Through Which You Make All Decisions:​without identifying it, everything else is wasted effort.
  • Page 63 – Three Practical Ways To Remember Your Future:​give yourself permission to design a life that fits you like a glove.
  • Page 82 – Discover The Tools That Make You Unique:​there are things that you can do better than almost everyone you know.
  • Page 99 – Two Simple Ways To Reveal Your Values: these set of statements is what attracts those who help you along the way.

Steps 3-5: Create & Welcome Your New Life

  • Page 117 – Conquering The Mindset of Thriving Your Way: there three beliefs that can stop your journey before it begins.
  • Page 149 – Three Effective Practices To Take Control of Your Life:the journey ahead demands new support systems and intentional boundaries.
  • Page 182 – Dealing With The Toughest Critic in Your Life: no matter how massive your success, there’s someone that finds something to bring you down.
  • Page 192 – Eliminating Your Energy Vampires: this simple three question system easily filters who you should listen to.
  • Page 202 – The Four Ways You Create Life:which way you choose to apply to the journey directly impacts how pleasant it will be.

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